So, I was reading the fairly easy-to-read and understandable Stylin’ With CSS by Charles Wyke-Smith and it hit me that this was the first computer jargon book that I have read since probably my computer programming class in high school teaching us how to write hangman programs in DOS! Whoa!!

Anyway, the main topic I would like to raise and discuss is this idea of presentation on the Web and its importance. Let me preface this by saying I have never been much of a “surfer” so maybe my opinion is in the minority, but designs of websites has never been much of a necessity for me in picking which sites to use or become fixated with using. Now, I am not saying presentation is unimportant or should be disregarded – if one has the knowledge, design-sense and ability to make one’s site pleasing to the eye, well by all means go for it. But my favorite site (or at least the one I have used for the longest and that I use most frequent), Yahoo! has, for a long time, been criticized for its lack of good appearance. The newer version has gotten better reviews, but I have used and loved Yahoo! for over seven years now. And as for Google, while Luke Wroblewski raved about its small but creative design changes to its logo over the years, honestly I have never noticed! When I looked at the different logos in his digression on Website personalities, it was hard for me to recall any of them and I have used Google fairly consistently for years as well.

In other words, I think design, creativity and appearance is definitely important to some people (and maybe most people), but it has never been important to me. Or, when ranking a website’s importance, usability, ease of navigation, content and reliability all rank well ahead of presentation. And yes, presentation corresponds to some of those criteria, but on its own, it is way down on my list of priorities.