I have always thought it was a terrible term (and I am liberal, so I usually am right up there saying we should call people what they want to be called and disavow anything they don’t or that is offensive)…in fact, I may even say it is offensive to me! Now, if an overwhelming number of disabled folks want me to call them that, I will, but I can’t see them liking that term one bit! Can you? I mean, what are they capable of? Being handicapped?? Or being handy, like a mechanic??? It just confuses me severely. And, as Joe Clark says in his article, “How do Disabled People Use Computers?,” the word is simply “nauseating.” And I like his differentiation of disabled people into their proper subgroups – it reminds me of the way we used to call all Native Americans, “indians,” with little regard to their vast tribal or village-based differences (besides the obvious problem with the word “India-ns,” but I won’t get into that because I still do it, although I try to say Amerindians whenever I think of it!).

Anyway, sorry for the ramble, that is supposed to stay in my other Blog (how’s that for a shameless plug, especially when I have not posted in over a month)!

An issue more directly related to the readings and the subject matter for this week is my amazement at how visually-impaired people use computers at all. I mean, the cpu as a whole, but especially the Web, is an almost completely visually-driven medium. Yes, there is audio (and my friend who works as a sound designer for ads would go crazy if he heard me say this), but it is definitely secondary if it can even be compared to the visual aspects of the Web period.

So, the simulation was amazing! I don’t know about everyone else, but I did it 3 times and only found the phone number! I figured the class enrollment would be in the “class rolls” section, but all I got was that terrible, “the contents of this link are irrelevant to this simulation, period.” Whoa! Sorry man!!

But seriously, that would take an unmeasurable amount of patience (of which I have a lot but not that much) to go through all that to surf around on the Web. But I guess visually-impaired folks already have a lot of hurdles to climb, so this is just one more. But I was amazed by it. And it is kinda cool that you have “Stephen Hawking” talk to you, I saw him speak at a physics conference years ago and he was witty and funny and completely over my head in almost every way!

Boy, I veered off topic a number of times this week, no? Enough rambling out of me…maybe.

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