Okay folks, as the person bringing up the rear in Design abilities, I NEED feedback on my current project. I am 50/50 about it and I like some parts of it, while others I cannot stand!! I am nowhere near finished playing with it, but since I actually had something up and running on time for once (thank goodness for these hurricane-like conditions, nothing else to do but work on it!), I figured I would see if you would be kind enough to give me some comments, good and bad, I can take it!!

Check it out here and look, no more ads!! Also, the 1st link is the only hot one at the moment, but the other 2 (at the very least) will be working for tomorrow. The biggest question I have is whether the background color works on the document pages. My thinking is that using the background I used in the homepage would not work for the embedded pages because it would be the same text on top of the same text.

But, for now, since I have been up since 9 staring at this damn ‘puter, I am taking a nap!!!

Before I do, here are my comments for the week:

Thanks in advance for your time and see you in the ‘morrow.